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MindCuber Program Source Code

Download the source code for version 2.2 of the MindCuber program: MindCuber-v2.2.zip

This version can be configured and compiled to solve cubes with black rather than white stickers.

The previous version 2.1 is available here

You may use this for any non-commercial purpose providing that the original author is acknowledged.

Please see the notes in the README.txt file in the downloaded .zip archive for information about how to configure, compile, download and run the MindCuber program.

The code can be configured and compiled for both the NXT 2.0 and the NXT (Orange Box) 8527 variants of MindCuber.

Compile the program using Bricx Command Center (BricxCC) available from sourceforge.

Click here for MindCuber troubleshooting tips.

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The source can also be configured to allow MindCuber to "solve" the cube to one or more patterns as demonstrated in the "MindCuber Medley" video:


See more LEGO robot Rubik's Cube solvers at youtube.com/IAssemble

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